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Directions For Custom Painting Your Yoga Mat

  • It takes very little paint to customize your mat. Use a light touch and dab on the paint with the brushes included.
  • Use the paint pallet included to mix paint colors to get custom hues.
  • Have a damp cloth available. If you make a mistake, simply wipe away your artwork. If you want to wipe anything off, the sooner the better. Don’t let your paint dry, because then you will not be able to remove it. Make sure to dry your mat off before repainting.
  • Shake up your paint pots prior to use as the paint may have settled.
  • Try and picture the finished product before you start.  Then lay your stencils out, and move them around a few times until it looks just right to you.
  • Secure the stencils with the stencil tape provided. Try and get your stencils as flat to the mat surface as you can.
  • Dab the paint lightly, covering all the open areas in the stencil. It takes very little paint; so don’t overdo it. Each stencil takes 2 coats of paint, so paint one and move on to the next one, and so on until all your stencils are painted, then go back to the 1st one and do a second coat. If you want to add fine contrasting detail, I suggest that you go through the sequence of painting your second coat on all your stencils, then return to the stencils that you want to contrast/detail paint. The dry time between coats is approximately 1 hour.
  • When I 1st started painting mats, I found that I was worried about ‘messing up’ the mat, but once you start painting, and see how easy it is, release your self expression and free hand some stuff! It’s your mat; it’s an expression of YOUR practice. Be true to yourself, and you will love the outcome.
  • Listen to music when you paint your mat, it inspires creativity.
  • After you paint your mat, you cannot use it for 48 HOURS! Let your mat dry. No need to put it in the sun or anything, just give it the time that it needs to cure. After 48 hours it is waterproof, and sweat proof.