Q- Are the mat and paints non-toxic?

A- Yes, both are non-toxic. The mat is also latex free and PVC free.

Q- Will my painted mat be waterproof and sweat proof?

A- Yes, to a degree. Don’t soak it for long periods of time in a tub or the ocean. As with any mat, we recommend using a towel on your mat in hot yoga, or if you find that you sweat excessively, as mats can become slippery when highly saturated.

Q- How do I clean my mat?

A- Wipe gently on painted areas with water or spray with The Bodhi Tribe Mat Cleaner and let dry completely before rolling it back up. We do not recommend using any other mat cleaner as they may be too harsh and could possibly damage the paint on your mat.

Q- How soon after I paint my mat can I use it?

A- You need to let the paint dry for a full 48 hours prior to use.

Q- How long will the paint stay on my mat?

A-It will depend on how you use your mat. If you are an active yoga practitioner doing hot yoga, the paint may not last as long as a moderate regular yoga practitioner. With moderate use, look for the paint to last approximately 1 year., but may last a good deal longer. Remember to recycle!

Q- Can I buy extra stencils, or a mat separately?

A- Yes, please visit our stencil page, or mat page for information and pricing.

Q- Why does my receipt say The Bodhi Tribe?

A- Your receipt says The Bodhi Tribe because that is the name of the parent company of My Mandala.