My Mandala

Yoga Mat Kit


Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

High quality brushes designed specifically for paint to stencil application. You receive 3 large brushes, 4 medium brushes, 3 small brushes, as well as 8 wood handled Q-tip sized brushes for fine detail work

Yoga Themed Stencils

Yoga Themed Stencils

We carry over 25 different Yoga themed stencils. You get to select 4 of your favorites when you order your My Mandala Yoga Mat kit! The stencils are .5mm in thickness, which makes them highly sturdy and reusable. Meaning you can use the same stencil multiple times on your mat, or for other craft projects. All stencils also come with a really cool Bodhi Tribe mandala sticker in the packaging! Made of PET plastic, a safe, recyclable, non-toxic material.

Ultra Premium Yoga Mat

Ultra Premium Yoga Mat

The My Mandala Ultra Premium Mat is made from a very High Density TPE material to provide superior cushioning and stability. Most mats have to be thick to keep you comfortable on the floor, the downside of this is a possible loss of balance. The My Mandala Mat, at a slender 1cm of thickness is designed to keep you both comfortable and stable during your yoga practice.

Non-toxic, latex and PVC free, biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harsh smells or chemicals.

Permanent Mat Design Paint

Permanent Mat Design Paint

Eight different colors of non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint that will stay on your mat for a year or even longer depending on use.

Tape For Attaching Stencils

Tape For Attaching Stencils

A roll of painters tape to attach the stencils to the mat while you apply the paint.

Paint Palette

Paint Palette

A reusable paint palette to hold and mix your colors. Create custom colors for your custom painted mat

Brush & Paint Case

Brush & Paint Case

An inspirational pouch to organize your mat painting brushes and stir sticks.
Design A Yoga Mat That’s Uniquely You:

The My Mandala Kit allows you to Personalize, Create & Connect to your sacred space on your mat through artistic expression. Easy to use and fun to create. Watch the How-to Video below.

  • Ultra Premium Yoga Mat With Carry Strap
  • 4 Yoga Design Stencils Of Your Choosing
  • Paint, Brushes, Tape & Palette



*  Limited time promotion.

Over 20 Yoga Inspired Stencils

To Make Your Mat Truly Yours

Want To Know More About The Kit?

Watch Our How-To Video


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Hear From Our Fans




I absolutely loved creating my own custom yoga mat! It was fun, easy and such a great way to tap into my creative side. I look forward to getting on my mat and looking down at my beautiful creation.



I absolutely love my beautiful custom mandala yoga mat. After the first stencil lifted up, I was amazed at the artistry of a simple stencil. Then I thought, cool, I did that…Yoga is all about the physical and mental connection. What better way to make this connection stronger than to see your inner creative self reflecting back, as you’re doing your downward dog? Love love love.



This is brilliant! A few of us got together one evening to paint on our new My Mandala yoga mats. We used the stencils, sponges and paints that came with the kit. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to create one-of-a-kind artwork on my mat! We had so much fun!!! Also, as an experienced yoga practitioner and a certified yoga instructor, I appreciate and love that the mat is high-quality, lightweight and durable! I love My Mandala!

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